Premium Properties in the North East of England

The Kane Property Group was founded in 1996 by Peter Kane and Leo Kane, two brothers with a shared vision for a high value property company that combined responsible management with shrewd investment and visionary development programmes.

The Kane Property Group invest in, develop and manage some of the most prestigious commercial and residential properties in the North East of England, creating an exclusive portfolio, consisting of a variety of premium properties, personally handpicked by Peter and Leo.

Gathering together an experienced team of like-minded individuals with this shared ethos, The Kane Property Group have gone from strength to strength in the North East of England, with offices in both Newcastle city centre and Jesmond and an exclusive portfolio that covers a surprisingly diverse range of sectors. From premium commercial properties in the retail, industrial, office and leisure sectors, to beautifully appointed residential properties for professionals and students alike.

Being true to both Peter Kane and Leo Kane's original vision means that today they have an enviable portfolio of over 100 properties in some of the most desirable locations, with a combined value in excess of £30m and a reputation for being truly responsible landlords, who look to build long lasting relationships with their tenants, based on mutual transparency, trust and respect.

Maintaining such an exceptional portfolio means that they are constantly looking for new investment opportunities to enhance an already comprehensive range of desirable properties.

Peter Kane, Managing Partner, says "The Kane Property Group have built a substantial and highly desirable portfolio of properties within prime locations. We are extremely proud of the quality, desirability and range of properties that we are able to offer our clients, both Commercial and Residential alike."